Last week the kids & I got invited to Fanta’s #FantaPhotoBomb activation which took place at Sterkinekor, Gateway.
Along with inviting us to play & create some awesome #FantaPhotoBomb moments they also invited us to the premier screening of the new DreamWorks Animation movie, Trolls.
What made the outing a little extra special was that it was Ethan’s first visit to the movie theatre & I have to say that he enjoyed it thoroughly. Hubby even got thrown in at the last minute & was able to join us for the movie.
We also had the pleasure of meeting Durban born model, television personality & actor, Kay Sibiya, who joined in on the Fanta fun as well.




My sister in law & her husband are expecting their first child this year & we’re so happy that they are finally going to be parents.
News of Elisha’s pregnancy has been a long time coming. They are finally seeing the fruits of their years of prayer & faithfulness.
Elisha summed it up perfectly in her speech at her baby shower last month “God’s time is not our time & our time is not Gods” & this little one was indeed worth the wait.
She doesn’t know it yet but little Baby Soobramoney is already loved the world over by both her parents & so many others & we’re all waiting with great anticipation to meet her.

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Project #WatchMeGrow: A milestone & growth tracking photo series

Tracking & documenting your baby’s growth & milestones in the first year has quickly become a huge trend. Pinterest is overflowing with different ideas on the subject & it has gone far beyond merely jotting down dates & notes. The most popular & creative way to document your baby’s first year is in photos.
Right on the onset of my pregnancy I had committed myself to the idea of doing a growth tracking series for Ethan. I took to the internet & was immediately presented with thousands of lovely ideas as to how to go about it. After getting some online inspiration & being the crafter that I am I had it all planned out & by the time Ethan arrived I was ready & good to go.

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Ethan is ONE, time for cake!

Yesterday we celebrated Ethan’s first birthday. It’s been a year already! A year of dirty diapers, formula making, food pureeing, hair pulling, crying, learning & constantly adjusting my annoyance threshold so I don’t completely lose my mind.
BUT it has also been a whole year of new love, laughs, joys & every other positive thought & feeling you can associate with having a baby.
Ethan has enriched our lives in so many ways. His arrival gave Ashley the title of “new dad”, he made Tyson a big brother & I became a mother of two. He has also given me another opportunity at cracking this whole mommy thing.

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A World Obsessed with Size

As much as I am an advocate for the ‘thick’ girls this post isn’t about them. The title might indicate the age old conflict between fat girls & thin girls, plus size models vs. skinny models, media stereotypes & what their perception of true beauty is, blah blah blah but no! This post isn’t about what size a woman should be, this post is actually about my kids & a world that just won’t quit!

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