Hello & welcome to Infinity Thirty!

My name is Annelise. I’m a wife & mama living in & loving Durban. I am loud, opinionated, sarcastic & honest.
My family thinks I’m silly & quite frankly I’m in no position to deny that. My husband thinks I’m OCD & I can’t deny that either.
I am a firm believer in polished nails, matching underwear & correct spelling & grammar.
I’m a crafter at heart with a passion for photography & whilst many posts will be around the latter two subjects that is not what this blog is about in it’s entirety.
The world is much too big & far too beautiful to have a blog focused on just one thing, I intend for this to be a family & lifestyle blog so expect to read a little (or possibly a lot) about everything here; brands we love, places we love, events we love, people we love.

This blog has been a long time coming for me & I finally got the push I needed to get it going.
So here’s to the start of a beautiful thing.

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