I used to almost always be on the internet reading up on photography & trying to extend my knowledge on the subject. I used to be under the impression that the more clued I was on photography theoretically the better images I’d produce & to a certain extent the latter is true. I used seek out sites where photographers would post their brilliant photos along with the exact camera setting details & then I would try to mimic them. More often than not I would be left disappointed & it was then that I started to pay attention the number one mentioned tip to shoot great photos & was to ‘practice practice practice’ – less reading & more doing, just go out & take as many photos as you can, explore your camera, fiddle around with your settings & learn from your mistakes that way.

For years I’ve been swooning over the works of different photographers, in particular; Lara Scott PhotographyGabrielle’s PhotographyAnnie Manning from Paint The MoonErin Beck Photography & most recently Chenel Kruger with her always stunning photos of her beautiful boy, James & Sam Swiatek Photography. When going down my Facebook & Instagram feed you’ll find numerous photographers, I love looking through their work, it keeps me both inspired & motivated & always evokes the though of “…one day, I will be as good as that!”.

And now after years of having my finger on the trigger I’m starting to see in my photos what I admire in other’s. I never shoot in auto mode & I’m almost never disappointed with my photos. And with trial & error my post editing/processing skills have gotten stronger as well.
I’d like to also thank the mentioned photographers in this post for their willingness to answer all my questions whenever I bombarded them with such. Some of you guys may not remember me but know that I will never forget you, you’ve each helped me along my photography journey in some way or the other & I’m forever grateful for that.

And here’s a shout out to my little model, this little guy of mine never minds mommy hovering around him with the camera & he always obliges me with a smile or two.

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