I really wanted to do this write up last week Friday (the morning after the actual event) but life happens & recently life happens to me a lot! Nevertheless here it is now, let’s get to it shall we…
After attending my first Out The Box event last month I had been watching my inbox closely, fingers crossed for another invitation & what do you know, I got one & my appreciation for the invite was well noticed when I was the first invitee to arrive.
This month’s Out The Box event was centered around a Spring theme & like last month both organizers & retailers outdid themselves & it made me cringe at the thought of missing out on the first five events.

The very entertaining, Terence Pillay, was at the helm of hosting yet again & he kicked off the evening chatting to Gateway Theatre of Shopping’s marketing manager, Michelle Shelley.
Here she is shedding some light on what the Out The Box event means to their various tenants as well Gateway as a whole.

Retailers featured in The Box last this time around were; Sorbet, Mozambik, Spitfire Sunglasses, Nine West, @Home Living Space & Tops at Spar.
Lara Campese from Sorbet addressed us telling us a bit about the nationwide beauty therapy hub & their huge beauty therapy footprint in the country. Their partnering with Dermalogica & Environ has only increased their success & proven to be two of the very best products in skincare out there.
Sorbet has an array of beauty therapy treatments & products & their menu have been tailored with our male counterparts in mind so no one should feel left out, there is something for everyone & we are after all in the era of the metrosexual.
I can vouch for the Sorbet brand myself. They are my number one stop for all my nail/nail care needs & you will never go wrong with an eyebrow & upper lip pluck from one of their trained professionals, it satisfaction guaranteed every time. And it helps that they have an amazing loyalty program going as well.
Johan Muller from Mozambik told us the story of how the interior design of the infamous eatery came about, as like all great ideas, it all happened at 4:00am one faithful, drunken morning. Everything from the floors to the lighting was somehow designed, made, fitted, fixed into place or installed by Johan himself & his mates.
As far as the food & menu goes he didn’t really need to say much, they had provided the most delicious looking & tasty spread for the night & I have to admit to having more than I should have. And I really feel the need to mention what may very well be the stars of the snack table which I have lovingly named, The Egglets. These little guys had me as well as everyone else going all kinds of gaga & their utter cuteness detoured my willingness to eat them BUT in the end my taste buds won over my feelings of affection & as Johan had said “they taste even better than they look”.
Tops at Spar was responsible for the buzz at the event & I enjoyed every moment of it.
Unfortunately, representatives from Spitfire Sunglasses, Nine West & @Home Living Space were unable to join us. Mr Pillay did convey messages from them, I however for the life of me cannot remember what he had said exactly but what I do know though from having shopped at all three of the retailers is that they all offer the very best products in their respective industries.

Of course everyone loves a freebie & the freebies come in spades with the Out The Box goodie bags. Last month I gave mine away to one very lucky reader, this month however I’m not in the mood to part with my goodie bag. Thank you Sorbet, Dermalogica, Environ & Nine West!

I have to say yet again that the Out The Box event is indeed a very clever little concept & apart from getting to know the retailers at Gateway Theatre of Shopping it’s also the prefect opportunity to network & meet interesting people. Whilst I do follow many of the bloggers, who attend the event, on social media there are many that I just got introduced to at the event & I am happy to be finding new friendships.
Fingers crossed for an invitation to the next one ;-).

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