Mama Magic has come & gone & yes, this post is a bit late but designing Ethan’s first year photo book has consumed me & I’m afraid if I stop I’ll never get it done but enough about that.
If you’re not familiar with the Mama Magic expo, it’s only the largest baby & parenting expo in South Africa.
It’s far more than just cashing in on big discounts (although that is the best part), there’s also expert pregnancy & parenting talks that take place at the Expert Lounge as well as the opportunity to be introduced to many new baby brands & products in the market.

This year I got to get in on the action when I was asked to join the judging panel for the infamous Mama Magic “New Product Awards”.
MamaMagic exhibitors who have launched within 12 months of the date of the expo send in their entries to claim that sought after title.
The judging categories & respective products this year were:
Baby Essentials:
BiddyKins Vest Extenders
The vest extenders have 3 metal snaps at either end that clip on to any standard babygrow and effectively makes the babygrow longer (larger). This is really useful for “taller” babies – making the babygrow longer without the problems associated with purchasing a larger vest size (eg. too loose around the neck). Vest extenders are especially useful for babies wearing cloth nappies that require a little extra room around the bum.
Pouch Love – Reusable Food Pouches
Reusable food pouches making healthy eating convenient, simple & fun! Sold in packs of 5 reusable pouches, 5 large caps & an insert with recipe ideas.
Mom Essentials:
Silverguard – Maternity Belt & Panty
SILVERGUARD powered by x-static offers you and your unborn infant protection of weaving a pure silver fibre into the garment. Silver acts as a shield against electromagnetic radiation.
1. Sleepyhead – Baby Pod
Designed with love in Sweden these Sleepyhead pods offers a safe, snug and soothing environment for babies to sleep, co-sleep, lounge & play.
2. Furniture Express – Cot Combinette
Baby cot that gives you more than just a cot. This combinette is a baby cot, changing station with storage that converts into a single bed. The combinette has more benefits and longevity beyond the baby years. It is for a practical and savvy mom who would like to buy an economical product that will last them for many years.
Yookidoo – Tummy Time Playmat
A patented tummy activity mat with a motorised magic motion track. The product includes 2 buggy attachable, multi textured farm figures. Hidden pocket for additional accessories. 10 minutes of consecutive music (with silent mode option). Large colourful tummy time pillow with machine washable activity mat.
1. Real Kids Shades – Kids Sunglasses
Virtually unbreakable, 100% UV protective sunglasses, especially designed for little growing faces. (18 months-18 years).
2. PingMe – Kids GPS Watch
The PingMe GPS kids watch is so much more than just a time piece, it’s a cell phone and GPS location device all blended into a cutting edge piece of wearable technology for kids aged 3 and up. Utilising the supported App, parents are able to keep track of their kids location at any time directly on their smartphone, giving them what they crave most – peace of mind, while providing kids the freedom they need to be kids.
Doona – Kids 2in1 Car Seat & Pram
Doona is an infant car seat that at a click of a button unfolds into a pram. And folds right back into a car seat. Which then easily can be fastened into the car with a seat belt or an isofix base can be purchased separately for convenience. It can be used from birth to 13kg and the car seat itself weighs 7kgs. All material can be removed and washed. Doona also provides accessories such as sun shade extensions, essentials clip on bags, rain covers and more.

They had quite an efficient judging system in place; each category had a QR Code linked to a digital questionnaire which presented us judges with an array of criteria on which we rated each product.
And I have to admit, whilst I was familiar with some products I wasn’t with others & was completely blown away from the innovativeness especially with the BiddyKins vest extenders!
Who would have thought that something so simple would come in so bloody handy! That product got full points immediately.
To be fair though, all products in the different categories were of excellent quality & unique in their own way.
Other products I highly favoured were the baby pod by Sleepyhead, the tummy time playmat by Yookidoo (wish I had discovered this when Ethan was born) & the kids GPS watch by PingMe & my hubby thought that Doona’s 2in1 car seat & pram was just ingenious.

I unfortunately missed out on the actual awarding but will be checking the Mama Magic site closely for the results.
And if you haven’t been, make sure drop by the expo next year folks. Until then.

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