My sister in law & her husband are expecting their first child this year & we’re so happy that they are finally going to be parents.
News of Elisha’s pregnancy has been a long time coming. They are finally seeing the fruits of their years of prayer & faithfulness.
Elisha summed it up perfectly in her speech at her baby shower last month “God’s time is not our time & our time is not Gods” & this little one was indeed worth the wait.
She doesn’t know it yet but little Baby Soobramoney is already loved the world over by both her parents & so many others & we’re all waiting with great anticipation to meet her.

I have no doubt that Elisha & Terence are going to make great parents & both my kiddos can attest to the spectacular mom Elisha is going to be. She has ‘mommy’ written all over her & I know she will take to motherhood as a duck does to water.

To Elisha & Terence, remember that Ashley & I are always just a call away whenever you guys need us, this new journey you three are about to embark on isn’t always all rainbows & butterflies but never doubt that everything will be okay in the end. Parenting is a learning process & we can’t wait to parent & learn alongside you two.

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