Ethan is ONE, time for cake!

Yesterday we celebrated Ethan’s first birthday. It’s been a year already! A year of dirty diapers, formula making, food pureeing, hair pulling, crying, learning & constantly adjusting my annoyance threshold so I don’t completely lose my mind.
BUT it has also been a whole year of new love, laughs, joys & every other positive thought & feeling you can associate with having a baby.
Ethan has enriched our lives in so many ways. His arrival gave Ashley the title of “new dad”, he made Tyson a big brother & I became a mother of two. He has also given me another opportunity at cracking this whole mommy thing.

Watching Ethan grow & reach his various milestones has been quite exciting & now we’ve reached what some think is the most important – the one year mark – just typing it has me bursting with pride. And what better way to celebrate such a big occasion than with cake!

With the ever growing cake smash trend & my recently found confidence in my own photography skills there was no doubt that I was going to do a cake smash session with Ethan. After discovering the gorgeous local brand, Tiny Tribe Kids, I decided to centre the theme around Linda’s gorgeous hand drawn apparel. I took to Pinterest which always has an endless amount of inspiration on almost anything you can possibly think of & here is the result…

Ethan’s Outfit – Tiny Tribe Kids

Feather Headdress – Autumn Peaches Props

Cake – Pam’s Homemade Treats

Backdrop & Floordrop Printing – Digital Print Xpress


To end off the celebrations we headed to North Beach for some outdoor fun followed by a nice dinner with family.

I don’t need to tell you that Ethan enjoyed his day, that happy, smiley face says it all.

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4 thoughts on “Ethan is ONE, time for cake!

  1. Ethan has been a blessing to everyone…with his heartbreaking smile no one can resist his charm…both you an Ashley are blessed Annie…all the best for the many more birthday parties to come!

    Ps. Your photography skill are so Amazing!,absoloutly stunning.


  2. Now tell me who cannot fall in love with that gorgeous smile from Ethan, I think I will book him from now #winkWink. Beautiful Annie. Well done with all your hard work, you are a perfect and creative mom.


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