Inside “Out The Box” & Our Very First Giveaway

For those who are not familiar with the event, Out the Box is a clever initiative undertaken by Gateway Theatre of Shopping to showcase & re-familiarize their patrons with their many tenants.
At each Out The Box event 4-6 tenants get the opportunity to showcase their stores/brands.
On the upper level, towards the Wave House is where it all goes down.
Last Thursday (4 August) saw the 6th instalment of this event, it was a ‘ladies only’ theme to commemorate August being Woman’s Month & I was lucky enough to land myself an invitation.

Needless to say the attendees are treated to quite a scrumptious few hours. Media mingling, tasty treat eating & being hosted by the charming Terence Pillay…AND an exciting goodie bag.
Before we proceed I’d like to apologise for the lack of better photos, I had a clutch in one hand & a ‘too delicious to put down’ cosmo in the other. It is a wonder how I managed to get these photos as it is :-D.

Brands/stores in the box this time around were: Polo, Kingsmead Shoes, Nail It, Primi Piatti, So Whipped & Rolf Offerman.
Each store had a representative present who addressed the attendees to tell us a bit about their various brands & just give us some tips where possible.
Mohamed Nazeem Alli from Polo reminded us that if you’re not getting your merchandise from a reputed retailer you’re definitely not getting the real deal, quality comes at a price & in the end it is well worth it.
Kim Cunniffe from Kingsmead Shoes shed some light on the coming season trends, we’re looking at some pretty pastels & nudes. She also mentioned that one should make sure that their shoes fit properly, it ensures you look & feel your best in your new pair of shoes.
Kimberlee Flury from Nail It expressed how she & the team are extremely passionate about what they do & will always make sure that you get what you pay for. So be sure to stop on by & let the Nail It team pretty you up.

Rolf Offerman wasn’t shy to mention that whilst many of us ladies have our hair in check most of the time it wouldn’t hurt if we’d spend a little more buck to get our strands on full point. So don’t be stingy the next time you walk into the salon ladies. Small price to pay to ensure one of your most prized assets is well taken care of.

Primi Piatti & So Whipped provided the delicious snacks & desserts for the night. Having dined at Primi Piatti on numerous occasions I didn’t need any convincing about how tasty their dishes are. Primarily an Italian eatery, to encapsulate the Durban atmosphere they do a few curries as well which result in brilliant fusion dishes.

It is always nice meeting the lovely Candice Courtney of So Whipped. I had first met her back in 2013 when I was planning my wedding & we had the privilege of having her make our very stunning & delicious wedding cake. Needless to say her beautiful personality reflects in her stunning & tasty cake creations. If you’re looking for a chilled out, easy atmosphere for a nice cuppa & some sweet treats So Whipped is definitely the place for you.

All in all it was a lovely evening & I am grateful to have made the list & here’s hoping I’m on the next one as well.


Now for the most exciting part, at the beginning of this post I mentioned a goodie bag, to celebrate the launch of this blog & this being the very first blog post I’ve decided to part with my goodie bag & pass it on to one lucky reader.

All the details of this lovely giveaway will be up on our Facebook page tomorrow so be sure to stop on by & spread the word.

Good luck everyone!

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